In which I meander down to the Zengcuo’an village, Xiamen

I’ve mentioned a lot about Xiamen on this blog: the universitythe food street and luxury hot springs. I’ve even done a Top 5 post, which should clearly be expanded with the three aforementioned activities.

Zengcuo’an is already included in the Top 5 post, however it needs a post of its own to really show it off.

What Zengcuo’an (曾厝垵) is, is a village on Huandao South Road (环岛南路) in Xiamen full of endearing, ramshackle-looking houses which are occupied by cutesy ornament shops, cafés, bars and food stalls.

One thing is certain when you go to Zengcuo’an, you will get lost. Walking down the alleys you will pass numbers like 220, 221, 222, 223 then suddenly turn a corner and find yourself in the 400s. Absolutely brilliant at night if you’ve just arrived to find your hostel hidden away!


These *may* be useful, but don’t count on common sense!

There are many bars in Zengcuo’an, including an absinthe one hidden somewhere (surprise, surprise I don’t remember!)

There are also some niche shops, such as this tea one:

Zengcuo'an tea shop

Fujian is famous for its tea

As well as another tea shop with all wooden blocks outside decorating it:

I think they are actually all messages of love, hope and goodwill that people write on them, but my Chinese reading skills are not the greatest 😉

The alleyways are cute Zengcuo'an alley

as well as the presentation outside all of the shops.


Cute shop front

For some reason (to seem “cool” I guess) there is also a red postbox outside one of the shops.


Maybe it gets a Zengcuo’an stamp on it?

There’s also lots and lots to eat and fruit-wise, depending on the time of year you’ll get everything from huge mangoes, to coconuts, pineapples and starfruit available to buy on the fruit side of things.

There’s also plenty of seafood to be consumed. Yummy, yummy yum!

Zengcuo'an street seafood

Lots of lovely seafood ready to be cooked

As well as all the shao kao (烧烤) seafood (shao kao is BBQ), there were also interesting things to try if you didn’t like seafood so much:

Zengcuo'an street food

Potatoes, sausages and fish balls cooked over pebbles – delicious!

Zengcuo’an is a fantastic place to go for a couple of hours. Once you’ve finished walking around all the alleys, you can cross over the road and enjoy the beach, or hire a bike and cycle along what you could call the promenade, taking in the beaches, many sculptures and also laughing at all the Chinese trying and failing to get up the hills on a tandem…maybe that’s just me!

As ever, any questions or comments please leave them below!

Would you like to go to Zengcuo’an?

To get to Zengcuo’an, (曾厝垵) take bus 857 from Xiamen Railway Station.
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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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