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In which I nominate 5 places you should “go there”

In this post, I recount some of the greatest places I’ve visited in the world so far. They may not be the most exciting to some people, but for me they are special and I’d love to return again some day. This is all inspired by‘s — Top Destinations to Go There campaign to help inspire people to travel to places, whether cities or countries, they may never have considered before.

Without further ado, here are my top 5 places – you should go there too!

5. Singapore

I fell in love with this city when I visited it in September 2013. I can vividly remember how astounded I was at its cleanliness having come straight from China. Despite the urban design of it, there’s always somewhere to find a green space. I felt relaxed and content in the area and could definitely have spent longer there. I loved the variety of the food at the hawker centres, as well as the different buildings of importance around the city. Its airport isn’t bad either!

You should go there - Singapore

4. Italy

In summer 2010 I realised a life-long dream of getting to Pompeii and standing on the stepping stones across the streets. Yes, this may seem a little odd to you but having first learnt about the Romans around the age of 6, it was an image that stuck in my mind all that time until I was 21. I visited a few places in Italy, but definitely want to go back and experience a lot more of its famous cuisine and beautiful weather.

You should go there - Italy

3. Berlin

I visited Berlin over Easter 2010. We learnt so much at school about German history, as well as myself doing a degree in German and living in the country at the time, I was so excited to finally visit the capital. I’m a big fan of walking around cities and Berlin was no different. There are so many things to see there in regards to the old regimes, as well as the more modern attractions that you can satisfy anyone’s needs here, whether you like culture, history, art, shopping or more modern attractions like a zoo. I want to go back at Christmas time and revel in the Christmas markets – one of my all-time favourite things to do with Germany!

you should go there - Berlin

2. Polzeath, UK

Those who know me know that this is my absolute favourite place in the entire world. I mean it. Yes, I’m currently in New Zealand, have lived in China and Germany, as well as crossing off many other places too around the world, however it’s the place that I feel drawn to return to each time I’m home in the UK.

The site of seeming decades of family holidays, I was never happy unless I was in the sea, bodyboarding all clothed warmly in my wetsuit. I would be in the water for hours, riding the waves and falling in, if I was surfing, or, at low tide, you’d find me out on the rockpools hunting for the many sea creatures trapped there until the tide came in.

There was always time for an icecream, or fresh, hot donuts you watched being made. Eating at the now defunct Atlantic House Hotel on the cliff was always the best end of a day, and obviously in my later years I could also sup on a fantastic pint of Doom Bar ale. Good memories and I’m always wanting to return.

You should go there - Polzeath

July 2012

1. Ordos, China

So with all that romanticism I’ve talked about Polzeath with, how is it not number 1? Well, there takes a special city to knock that off the top spot and this is Ordos in China, my “home” city. Despite trying, I cannot completely describe what I felt the first time I arrived here, surprise, shock, exhaustion, awe, speechlessness, they were all present. I had no idea what to expect from Ordos and it still managed to surprised me.

A relatively new city, it was still under construction mostly and with the ghost city most mentioned on the BBC, Kangbashi, only an hour down the road, it was a intriguing place to live. I felt safe there and invigorated. I loved the climate, freezing cold in the winter and I want to go back to the hot, dry summer, so I can go and play in the sand dunes and ride a camel. I want to go back and see how much of the city has changed.

There were always buildings being marked for demolition, as well as new ones popping up and being completed. We always used to joke that there was 100RMB for the person who could find the place in the city where you could look 360 degrees and not see a crane – it was an impossible feat!

When I go back will it even be my city anymore? That’s why I want to go and see it and find out the answer to this question.

You should go there - Ordos

I must now nominate 5 more bloggers to add their own favourite Top 5 destinations to the Go There campaign.

You guys need to check out this link for more info – can’t wait to see what you suggest!

Where would you most like to go on my list?

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. You’ve been to Pompeii! I’m very jealous I’d love to go there.

    Ordos will no doubt have changed in such a short period of time. Do you have any idea if/when you are likely to return?

    Many thanks for the nomination. I’ll have to add this to my backlog of articles (so much to do!) but already have some places in mind 🙂

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    • I loved Pompeii! I’d be happy to go back and explore again. I’d love to go back to Ordos 10 years after I left, I think that would be a good timescale to see the differences. I’d love to go back to China in general of course too 🙂

      Will look forward to your suggestions when you have the time!

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  2. I can absolutely relate to and totally agree with numbers 4 and 5 – love both places! I’ve never visited the others though, so will need to add them to my ever growing bucket list!

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    • Thanks! Yes, Pompeii has been one of the highlights of the past few years.

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