Xiamen University

In which I visit Xiamen University

I talked about the Top 5 things to do in Xiamen, but this is the first of two posts which will actually add to the top things to do in Xiamen. There are actual 2 universities in Xiamen, Xiamen University on the island of Xiamen itself and Jimei Unviersity, just off the island. I have a contact at Jimei so hopefully I can give a follow up post in later weeks.

But let’s focus on Xiamen University for now. So close to the sea it’s unreal, many tourists like to visit Xiamen University because of its reputation of being a beautiful campus. As this is so, the security want to limit the number of visitors to the university everyday, because obviously, the students have to study. Around 700 free tickets are available every day to enter the university although I got in because I went to Xiamen with one of my adult students, Linda and we met her niece, Ashley, who was studying there. It’s all about who you know…

Anyway, all I can say is that Xiamen University is absolutely stunning. If I were to go back to university (er uh, not going to happen), I’d want to study here just because it’s so beautiful and near the sea too. 😉

I’ll shut up now; take a gander at the photos for yourself:

What do you think? Would you like to study at Xiamen University?

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