Woke Home Capsule Hostel, Singapore

In which I review the Woke Home Capsule Hostel, Singapore

Let’s get things straight, Singapore is expensive. Even though I’d psyched myself up for it before I left China, it was still a shock to the system!

However, the Woke Home Capsule Hostel was a pleasant relief to this. I’d been recommended it by a friend for it being in a good location. I was also intrigued by the “capsule” part of the hostel name, so soon I was booking 4 nights at 111 SGD (£55.68/$87.54) on booking.com.

The hostel is neatly situated a few minutes walk from Clarke Quay MRT station (the MRT is the equivalent of an underground system), but, as I’ve since found out, there are a few stations within walking distance; the MRT is very closely linked!

There are actually 2 hostels at 61 South Bridge Street, but both are clearly labelled in the lift. You go to level 6 to get to the reception of Woke Home Capsule Hostel – the dormitories are only accessible by swipe card, which I think is a really great safety measure. On check in at 2pm, you get handed your card and locker key and have to pay 40 SGD for the deposit.

I actually arrived in Singapore at 3am, slept in the airport until around 6:30am and got to  the hostel at 8am, but the girl on the reception desk was really friendly and showed me where I could put my bag and have a shower. woke home capsule hostel

I then hung out in the lounge area working on my blog with the excellent wifi! 😉 There’s also 2 computers with headsets, a TV and books on offer here too. woke home capsule hostel

Once I could check in, I made my way to level 4 with my keycard. I was staying in a 20 bed female dorm; there is also a mixed dorm too but they were the same price when I booked so it didn’t really matter.

I can hear you saying “20 beds?! That’s a lot!” woke home capsule hostel

Well it sounds it, but it actually isn’t and why that is goes back to the name of the hostel – Woke Home Capsule Hostel. The capsule is an ingenious idea. Basically you get your own mini room in the dorm, with your own light, socket, TV and fold-out desk, plus a blind to seal yourself off too. The wifi even reaches the dorms! (The TVs weren’t working when I stayed, but that makes little to no difference to me!)

woke home capsule hostel

Please excuse the mess!

That’s not all the hostel offers. There’s also a free breakfast which you help yourself too, including toast, jam, cereal, milk, tea, coffee and chocolate bourbon biscuits – can’t forget those! The sign says 7am-12pm but I’m sat here at 10:30pm and people are munching on toast! There’s water always available and the ability to use a microwave as well. woke home capsule hostel

The hostel, like some I have stayed at, including the Ming Palace International Youth Hostel in Guilin, has a wall which you can graffiti on. Of course I left my mark, more than once!

woke home capsule hostel

Gotta make my mark!

At the Woke Home Capsule Hostel, you can also book discounted tickets for some of Singapore’s attractions, including the Singapore Flyer, Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, Gardens By The Bay and others. I have 3 points to make about this service:

1) Order tickets as far in advance as you can. I asked about them, they said they would be available next day – it was 12:15pm of the day after I ordered them that I got them and for a morning person with plans for the day, this left me frustrated as I was ready but waiting around.

2) Despite this, however, the tickets I was given (you’d better check yours if you order) are for a period of time – you don’t have to use them on a set day (I had time/plan constraints)

3) If you want to do the Zoo and Night Safari (and/or the River Safari and Jurong Bird Park), DON’T BUY separately from the hostel. The zoo has deals for 2, 3 or 4 attractions. It annoyed me slightly that not only had I wasted half a day, I also wasted some money.

The manager was nice and kept phoning the agent, but when you’re on a schedule and waiting around (and I hate waiting around for anything and anyone when I am ready to go!) it’s not so great.

But as this was an extra service the hostel offered, I can’t complain so much. The hostel itself is fantastic and quiet, I really enjoyed having a capsule as it made it more private and I would not hesitate to stay here again or recommend it to other people. If you want a reasonable, private hostel in a good location, this is the place for you!

I hope you get the chance to stay here one day! Anybody out there with their own experience of this hostel?

All views are my own and I was not compensated by Woke Home Hostel in any way.

Woke Home Capsule Hostel
61 South Bridge Street
+65 6533 4418

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. Looks like a very cozy place. You left an autograph on the wall again hahahha Guilin style! 🙂

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    • It was really nice 🙂 and more like 2 autographs, though still less than our efforts in Guilin! 😉

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  2. This looks like a really cozy place! I didn’t realize that capsule hotels were starting to appear outside of Japan. I want to give these a try!

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    • I didn’t know either! It was really fun and I’d definitely stay in one again 🙂

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