Wandering To Lake Wanaka

In which I get taken on a road trip to Wanaka

I’ve been in Queenstown for 3 months now and apart from the trip to Arrowtown I haven’t really left the area. Low and behold Craig surprised me with a road trip to Lake Wanaka, having been able to keep it quiet from me for almost a week!

Taking the car we drove out of Queenstown, enjoying the fantastic autumn colours  and driving up the Crown Range. The road snakes up through the mountain range and you can get fantastic views across the valley and back towards Queenstown from various viewpoints along the road.

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The trip to Lake Wanaka is all on roads which during the winter, generally require a well-equipped vehicle with snow chains – fortunately, as you can see from our photos, we didn’t need any of these when we went.

Knowing how clear the water is at Lake Wakatipu, I was not surprised to find the same at Lake Wanaka. The water was crystal clear and the scenery was a joy to behold.

Crystal clear Lake Wanaka water

Clear, clear water

Craig and I had fun trying to skim stones and take photos. I was more successful at the skimming and Craig more successful at the photography!

Skimming stones at Lake Wanaka

Bennett’s successful skim

Skimming at Lake Wanaka

My poor photography!

I mentioned the scenery, the clear blue sky that we were treated too set off all the different colours of the leaves, the lake and the snow in the distant mountains.

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I really enjoyed my day out to Lake Wanaka. We were treated to such fantastic weather. I couldn’t not jump for joy in excitement!

Bennett at Lake Wanaka


We managed to see the sun set over the snow capped mountains in the distance. It was a really great view and the orange reflected in the Lake Wanaka water so beautifully.

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Craig and I had a great time at Lake Wanaka, and I hope we get to go back again sometime in the future!

At Lake Wanaka



Have you ever been treated to a surprise trip?

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. Lake Wanaka looks stunning – I believe it was used as the location for a Bollywood music video several years ago, and I can see why. And great work skimming the rock too!! 🙂

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    • I’m generally pretty rubbish at skimming stones so was amazed that my boyfriend managed to catch it on camera! He was obviously less pleased that I didn’t manage the same with him.
      Wanaka as a Bollywood backdrop – sounds intriguing!

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  2. I LOVED Lake Wanaka. It is such a special part of New Zealand’s south. Ben and I are dreaming of becoming residents there one day! Did you guys get out on the lake at all? It’s well worth hiring a jet ski or renting a kayak, the shoreline is just spectacular further north.

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    • We didn’t get out on the lake but there’s definitely time for a next time! I would love to explore further – same with Lake Wakatipu too.

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