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Coromandel Peninsula road trip
Waihi Beach

Waihi beach was the last beach we visited on our Coromandel road trip. After a pretty intense couple of days, we were a little dozy so decided to stop off here to wake ourselves up.

Waihi Beach

The lowdown:

Where: 30km from Whangamata, 54km from Thames
Best for: Walking along the 9km+ golden sands, surfing beginners, playing silly games on the sand (i.e. playing catch with an apple you found on the beach, only to find out that one of your party is atrocious at catching…)
Famous for:  Not sure what Waihi is famous for, but the day we went the sea was full of these tiny jelly creatures, basically squares of jelly. They didn’t seem to sting, but it was immensely weird to walk through them!

Stopping off at Waihi beach was a great idea to wake us up. The surf was quite good so we decided to jump in and mess around with the bodyboard, though, at this point I was actually missing my wetsuit, not because the water was cold but because leaping onto the bodyboard in a bikini hurts your stomach!

Waihi Beach

After splashing around we decided not to walk the full 9km along the beach, instead just soaking up a bit of sun and playing catch with the aforementioned apple. My sunglasses also wanted in on the photograph action!

Waihi Beach

Time for one more photo before we hopped back into the car for our trip back to Auckland. Can’t not leave my mark anywhere, right?!

Bennett on Waihi Beach

Yes I was and I loved it!

I definitely want to go back to Waihi beach again, however I would prefer it if there weren’t any weird jelly things in the sea, as that was most unnerving!

Fancy swimming with jelly creatures at Waihi Beach?!

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. Went to Waihi beach last month. Beautiful spot. Did you go to the Flat White cafe by the beach? Fab breakfast and excellent eponymous coffee. Worth going back for in many ways.

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    • Hi Kerry (I’m presuming you are Starbuck related!) – we didn’t end up having a coffee at Waihi but when I go back I’ll definitely check out the Flat White (which in turn is also a great coffee itself!)

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      • Yes I am Sarah’s aunty. Definitely check out the cafe – beachfront and really nice atmosphere as well as food. What looked like a yummy ice cream hut next to it as well. I didn’t realise until I saw your blog that Waihi is officially in the Coromandel. It must be the very South bit. We just called on a drive up to Auckland. Coromandel proper is on our list for our return trip in 2017 hopefully. Did you also know NZ’s biggest hole is in Waihi? – a working gold and silver mine. It’s quite an impressive sight. When I eventually write my NZ blog post there will be photos of Waihi beach, the Flat White and the Goldmine.
        Our daughter Beth is still travelling in NZ. In about 2 hours she heads off with Kiwi Experience, first stop Coromandel for Cathedral Cove and Hot Water Beach. I directed her to read your blog yesterday! Enjoy your next bit of travels. NZ is a fab place to explore.

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        • Definitely want to go back now! Thanks for visiting Kerry 🙂

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