Three Years of Writing: A Blog Hop Post

Here it is, Bennett’s back. Expect some new posts over the next few weeks. I’m excited to be back writing again and hope you come along for the ride too 🙂

Celebrating three years of writing on the road


29th August 2011, London Heathrow Airport

29th August 2014, Queenstown

Three years (1,096 days) and time spent in 5 different countries (6 if you count Scotland separately, which by the end of September could be a reality!)

There aren’t really many words left to describe what has happened to me (that I’ve not already exclaimed at other anniversaries!), so luckily for me, Bret from Green Global Travel nominated me to be part of the “Why I write” blog hop, looking at how and why we all do what we do with 4 questions.

All I can say otherwise about the last three years:

Thank you to everyone who believed in me, family, friends, colleagues, strangers. I’m so lucky to have done everything I have in the past 1,096 days.

May there be many more days to come.


Just hanging around on a boat

On the TSS Earnslaw on Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown. The Remarkables mountain range in the background (28/8/2014)

And now, the questions!

1) What am I working on/writing?

I’m working on some posts in collaboration with Brendan from New Life ESL, about my time in China and information for people who’d like to teach in China. I’m excited by it after talking to him (he was in Hohhot at the time, one of the cities I visited when I lived in Inner Mongolia!) as I’ve obviously not posted for a while. My experiences in China have been a large part of my life over the past 3 years and I can wax and ramble lyrically about it for ages! I just want to be able to encourage more people to go over there and experience it.

2) How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre?

I really don’t know! Of course a lot of blogs are very personal and I would say I write quite personally. I wouldn’t say I’m a great writer either – I never have been. Structurally I suck at organising my work and I definitely get very rambly! People say there is order out of chaos but often I’m not so sure…

3) Why do I write what I do?

I started the blog just to keep family and friends updated during my “6 months in China” however obviously this turned into something a bit more. I have done guest posts about China for other blogs and written about a couple of other subjects, because they’re all close to my heart. I write about what I love and I love what I write about, even if it’s something negative, there’s always a bit of me in the post too.

4) How does my writing process work?

I have terrible impatience with the internet! I always prefer to write directly onto a blank post on the blog and add pictures as I go, as I need to see how the post will look. Sometimes I can just  knock out the post really quickly and it just flows, sometimes I have to do research (especially if for a guest post for another site as I want to make sure what I’ve written I’m proud of.) I often get writer’s block, especially recently with me just doing “day-to-day” normality (compared to life in China that is!).


Now to pass this blog hop onto three other bloggers:

Andrew of Travel Smaht – Twitter – Growing up in Boston, Massachusetts, Andrew packed 3 bags one day and headed to Galway, Ireland and hasn’t looked back after becoming intoxicated with seeing new places and experiencing new cultures.

Chris of One Weird GlobeTwitter –  Chris moved to Korea to teach English in 2008 and stayed there until 2013 when he moved to Thailand with his wife, Laura. He blogs about weird, offbeat destinations and life as a long-term nomadic traveller.

Heidi of Wagoners AbroadTwitter – Alan and Heidi quit their jobs, sold their home and belongings and moved to Spain (with 2 kids) in Aug 2012. This American family loves to explore and share their experiences on their Family Travel Blog. Let them be your inspiration to get out and see the world!


Thanks for everyone’s support over the past three years – hope you all continue to join in my journey!

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. Well done on reaching three years of writing. Raise a glass to year four

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  2. I totally adore you for being so consistent with your blog. 3 years, already? Time flies… x Good luck sweetie and never stop inspiring people with your amazing stories from the road x

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    • You blow me away with your consistency too, girl! What an awesome 3 years for both of us, eh?! Long may it continue!! :D:D

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    • Thanks Laura, here’s to the next 3 and hopefully more!

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