The Little Things In Life

Little things in life turn a pretty average day into one that’s a lot better. I had four of these incidents today!

  1. On Thursday mornings I go to a local Kindergarten to do 1 and a half hours of teaching (3 lessons) and I go back in the afternoon for 2 lessons. My last class were apparently asking why I had yellow hair. Now, last time I looked I am sure my hair was not yellow, but children can be blunt and make their own¬†judgement, so I won’t hold it against them!
  2. Gaby, one of the CTs, and I took a taxi back afterwards. This is normal and not strange however this taxi driver seemed very chuffed to have a foreigner in his taxi. I had to keep asking Gaby what he was saying obviously, but he was apparently saying that my earrings were like what Chinese women wear (?!) and that I was very beautiful. This is pretty standard procedure from what I have experience of taking a taxi with a Chinese person, however, as I don’t usually get such compliments I’m going to take them as they come.
  3. I was on the bus home and had my iPod on. I was sitting happily at the back of the bus, in the corner, until a youngish girl came over and sat next to me, and before I knew it I realised she was talking to me, asking me which country I was from! We had a good little chat and I told her that her English was pretty good, as it was, because not many people in Ordos start talking to us in fairly solid English, so that was good fun. I found out that she is a sales manager and is 26 years old, among other things that she likes to do in her spare time.
  4. After getting off the bus, I decided to go and buy some wine for the next time I felt like not drinking beer. The shop we usually get it at has been closed the last couple of times Morgan and I have wanted wine, so I though as the bus stopped pretty much right outside, that I would pop in and get a couple of bottles. After trying to pick the cheapest (26RMB) and the guy failing to find it, finding ones that were 100RMB or more instead, I settled for the 35RMB one, still not a bad price. The guy was really helpful and I mimed my usual mime for a bag, expecting a plastic one. However he went under the counter and produced two proper wine bags, much to my surprise! He then went back under the counter, only to come back up with a corkscrew which he threw in the bag for free! Amazing.
I know these little things in life seem like pretty mundane happenings, but when you build up a collection, you have good stories to tell, and I always believe that if anything makes you smile, or cry, for whatever reason, then it’s something worth taking note of. Just google the phrase “the little things in life”¬†and you’re given various options for other searches, including “quotes” and “poem” to show that they mean a lot to people.
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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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