Swap Shop Lesson

In which we hold a swap shop for the students

*ROW80 update below photo gallery*

Last Saturday we held a swap shop at school for our students. It was a chance for them to practice and use some English in a situation that would leave them to come out with new toys. I first taught them some phrases that they could use in the swap shop, such as “I’d like this,”  “Would you like this?” and such and handed out pieces of paper with the sentences and translations on in order to try and get them to speak English…

And it vaguely worked. A few were more confident obviously, but I was happy that I think at least everyone managed to speak a little English, even if it was when I was speaking to them. They all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the hour or so swapping, and even the parents commented that they would like it to happen more, which is praise indeed as Chinese parents are notoriously hard to please. We finished the afternoon by discussing why it was good to run something like this, and the environmental impact. Granted, this was conducted more in Chinese but it showed that the students understood the concept of a swap shop, which is a success in itself! Look out for another one soon!

I’ve also included some recent fun pictures I’ve collated at the end of the gallery. The first one is a box made as a wedding decoration, filled with sweets, that one of my adult students gave me. I’ve also put some pictures of my lunch last week; a baked sweet potato and a Chinese kebab. Both yum and the total cost was 90p. Finally are pictures of my first major assignment as manager, scheduling my make ups for the lessons I’ll miss when I’m away in New Zealand for Christmas. It was a bit of a headache and it’s still changing now, but the bulk is done, and I understand it and some of the lessons even kick off this week. Only 4 weeks and I shall be in New Zealand. Truly amazing since I booked the tickets almost 8 months ago!

Now to photos:

ROW80 Update

A bit crazy right now at work so I’ve not been very good this week. Also, I’m going to change some goals.

1. I will continue to attempt to post once a day – My last check in was 11th November. Since then I have I posted photos from an adult student get together, photos of the “Autumn Tiger,”  my photos from my photoshoot (don’t I look horrible?!) and added a piece on clothes sizing in China for expats. I have to say though, I am going to change this goal. It worked for me during the last round in summer, but I find I am much busier now than I was then, so it’s almost becoming a burden to post that much. So here’s the goal change: I’m going to check in once a week (Sunday) and try to post 2/3 times a week. I think this will be more manageable, but that’s the beauty of ROW80, you can change what isn’t working!

2. I will make a better attempt at commenting on people’s work – Pretty poor showing I’m afraid, but again I blame me being busy (and unorganised on my day off!). I will pick this up again this week, and I will have to do it on Monday (China time), as that’s when more linkys are up.

3. I will spend time on my website, not just on content but SEO wise and making sure it is more legible for new readers – I’ve done some more SEO work, and I’ve changed some of the sharing settings and I’m now averaging over 56 hits a day since I had to reset the counter on 14th October. That’s well over 2000 hits in a little over a month. One very happy girl here!

4. I will attempt to use Twitter with #ROW80/#wordmongering much more – Been a bit lax with this, but I hope to continue doing more soon. Please keep visiting the #wordmongering forum and the ROW80 Fitness page too!

5. Work on my part of a chapter of the WIP every week – No work done this week, but a catch up with my co-authors to see where we were was beneficial. We’re getting there!

So, a slight change of goal, but don’t we all need that to mix it up sometimes?! Hope you’re all doing well and Happy Thanksgiving to all those across the Pond!

4 weeks to New Zealand. Can’t wait (and coincidentally, the end of the round too!)

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. I never did a swap shop activity at school for our students. That’s a great idea actually. How did you come up with it? I’m glad you managed to make them speak a little English :). I will try it when I’m back in China

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    • My boss did it in my old school, although they did it with money. I didn’t want to get money involved, but it still seemed to work! As long as the parents are aware and happy with the toys/books/hamsters the kids want to swap and what they swap them for, it should be ok 🙂
      Get back to China soon! 😉

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  2. Loved that idea and the photos! What a great experience.

    I often shift my goals a bit midway through ROW80 as well, depending on how the rest of my life is going. That is indeed the beauty of this writing challenge. Have a lovely week!

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    • Hi Julie. It was a lot of fun and went much better than expected! Hope to organise another one after Christmas.

      Yeah, this is what I love about ROW80. I think I might need another shift in my goals later, but we’ll see!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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