Sunderland FC In Zhangzhou, China

Sunderland FC in Zhangzhou, really?!

I was cycling along as normal yesterday, but I took a different route home just to mix it up a bit. I came across a sign, which took me a little by surprise! I tried to photograph it, but it was dark and as the sign was lit up, I couldn’t take a photo on my iPod. So I went back this morning.

To those not in the know, this looks like the Sunderland Football Club crest (Sunderland AFC officially, but most people seem to just say Sunderland FC). I went to university in Newcastle, whose biggest footballing rivals are Sunderland FC. I won’t delve into this deeper, as most of my readers will know this, but seriously, I could be disowned by some of my friends for putting this up. Anyway, this is the crest in Zhangzhou – just imagine me on my bike last night, cycling happily along when boom, this looms up next to me and I’m like “WHHHAAAAAT???!!” And skid a little to stop and gawp at it:

almost a Sunderland FC crest

¬†And to those that don’t know what the original crest for Sunderland FC looks like, here you go:

sunderland fc crest

Modified from the original crest at:

Copyright infringement doesn’t exist in China.

I also took a photo of this temple, which is tucked away behind all the high rises and looked stunning in the sunlight.


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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. Why would anyone copy the SMB’s crest? But better them than Newcastle I guess…

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