SkyWalk and SkyJump, Auckland

In which I chuck myself off a tower, 192m above the ground

I saw the SkyWalk and SkyJump when I first visited the Sky Tower. It looked cool and as someone who does not want to do a bungy, the SkyJump didn’t look as bad as it was a more controlled descent. Nevertheless, it took me until yesterday to get round to doing it, a day which started bleakly, weather-wise, but ended up being a fabulous day!

Heading into Auckland early, via a ferry ride, I was transported from driving rain to clouds but no rain in Auckland. I hadn’t booked the SkyWalk and SkyJump yet, as I wanted to make sure the weather would be ok for it. I got to the Sky Tower at about 9.30am and they said I could go on the first SkyWalk of the day at 10:15am then do my SkyJump later at 11:45am. Ok,  I thought.

I was given 2 free passes to the top of the Sky Tower, as I was doing both the SkyWalk and the SkyJump and I decided to use one whilst I waited for my SkyWalk. These are the scenes that greeted me:

However, as much as I was up there for the view, I was mainly up there for the experience of walking around the Sky Tower, as 192m high. I headed back down to the ground, to wait for my SkyWalk and Brad, my guide, greeted me. There is a maximum of 6 people in any SkyWalk; I was the sole walker at 10:15am on Sunday 30th December 2012. It was especially cool as it felt like my own private tour!

First, I had a breath test, counting 1-10, to make sure that I was not utterly “gazeboed” (drunk – see Michal McIntyre, the comedian) . After passing that (phew!), Brad asked me to suit up in the sexiest little orange jumpsuit I have ever seen, especially as it was too short for me, and also gave me a rain jacket, as the weather was still unsure what it was doing. I then put the all important harness on. We headed up in the lift, and at the top watched a couple of SkyJump-ers before starting our own little walk about the Sky Tower. Doubts about that choice were already starting to creep in, but I put it to the back of my mind as we started our walk.

As I’ve already said, the weather was a bit hit and miss to start; a cloud here, then revealing the Auckland Harbour Bridge, then hiding it again. It had a really ghostly feel to it and also felt a bit more scary, as you were less sure about what was out there.

Whilst on the SkyWalk, Brad was pointing out various things to me, and we were generally having a chat about everything. He also got me to do some challenges, 192m up, so that was pretty crazy. I won’t tell you about those, I’ll just show you the video!

I hate my laugh…

Once down, I had about 15 minutes to wait before my jump. They leave a little time in between in case something takes longer on the SkyWalk (panic attacks etc!), but soon enough it was time to suit up once again, this time in a fetching blue and yellow number. Next, a more complicated harness than the SkyWalk and then a weight check. I think it’s partly to do with the jump itself, and also to make sure that they are getting the expected person up on the jump spot. So I ended up with a new kind of “tramp stamp,” (when we went out to nightclubs in Newcastle, you would more often than not get a stamp on the back of your hand, which you’d be reminded of the next day – “tramp stamp”) and I’m not ashamed of my weight as I know that’s about 4/5kg more than my actual weight 😉

SkyWalk and SkyJump

I know the buildings are upside down, but have you ever tried to take a photo of your own wrist?!

Into the lift, with all the SkyTower visitors “you’ll go down quicker than us!” remarked one guy. At the top I was greeted by two very enthusiastic girls who were clearly trying to make me forget that I was about to jump off a tower. Final safety checks, an instruction to hold onto the two poles and let go after 3,2,1 and here we go [edit 5th Jan = SkyJump video should work now]:

Some screams, so what, I’m a big girl. Also, check out my face, I didn’t feel sick, but I definitely look a little green and/or absolutely freaked out at a few points!

I couldn’t stand up on landing, my legs couldn’t quite believe what my brain had just decided to make me do.



I’d do it again, no doubts. Who wants to come and do it with me next time? 😉

Here are the links to the SkyWalk and SkyJump pages.

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. So brave Sarah. In this video you look so calm and relaxed, laughing. I would be sooooo scared! Great experience, nice view – excellent Miss Bennett!

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    • Thanks Agness! 🙂 I’m far more relaxed in the Walk video than I am in the Jump one 😉

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  2. My God you’re brave! I would have needed to wear brown trousers, especially for the jump!

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    • Thanks for the kind words – I’ve had so many positive comments from people everywhere since I did it! Cheers for stopping by too 🙂

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