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In which I discuss my site stats, without too much maths

My blog has undergone a huge journey over the past year and a half. When I started it back in July 2011 I thought it great to get 5 views in one day!

Here, I present some interesting site stats, well I think they’re interesting anyway!

  • In the first year, 24th July 2011 – 5th July 2012, I got just over 1,900 views.
  • From 5th July 2012 – 14th October 2012, I got just over 3,500 views.
  • From 14th October 2012 – 18th December 2012, I have received just under 3,500 views.

The increase in these stats I must thank partly all the amazing ROW80 participants for, partly to all the sites that have let me put a link on their site and only a little bit to do with the SEO work I’ve done (but I really have so much more to work on).

More interesting site stats have occured from various Google searches which people have done. This list is inspired by a post over at Rainy Kaye, about the most amusing key word searches. Enjoy:

  • bull’s penis/penis bull/ bull penis

Fortunately I can attribute this to this post.

  • sarah bennett/sarah bennett twitter

This is Dad Google searching me, I am sure of it.

  • bennett’s travelling adventures

This could also be Dad, but also others who can’t remember my URL. To be fair, it’s a long URL, but I love it, haha!

  • i love mongolia essay

So yes, I lived in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia! I have never set foot in Mongolia itself so I cannot really give a true representation of the place.

  • dorset accent

Attributed to my students rolling their ‘Rs’

  • where is leo hiding?

I’m really not sure. I doubt you’d find the answer here either!

  • most christmassy picture ever

I didn’t know any of the photos from last year were the most christmassy?

  • msn messenger ending (and various other forms)

Due to my sentimental post about MSN, this has become my most popular post recently.

  • to be truly british you have to be white

I know this has probably stemmed from the title my post about my trip home in the summer. I am not racist, I can assure you!

  • my life isn’t going anywhere

I hope these people land on my site for inspiration, not because Google thinks my life isn’t going anywhere!

  • adventures of naked man

I have various forms of this search. Probably due to this post, but still, what?!

And finally, my favourite:

  • jonathan chase naked

Now, Jonathan is an old friend from school who recently got married. I don’t think I have ever posted anything about him on my site ever, nor talked about him naked, so this gave me a big chuckle when I was looking through the stats. Jon, I hope you find it as funny as I did anyway!

ROW80 logo

ROW80 Update

Well, it’s pretty much the end of the round and I’ll probably miss Wednesday’s check in because of my holiday, so I’m going to sum everything up now.

1. I will continue to attempt to post once a day – This wasn’t as successful as the last round, but I changed the goal later on to twice a week as I was busier at work. OK some weeks, not so good others.

2. I will make a better attempt at commenting on people’s work – Started brightly, but have trailed off, just like goal number 1. Thank you to all that have spent any time on my site, reading my ramblings over the past 2 rounds!

3. I will spend time on my website, not just on content but SEO wise and making sure it is more legible for new readers – As you can see from the stats, some of this work is slowly paying off. I got my first money earned online in this round as well, so that was pretty exciting!

4. I will attempt to use Twitter with #ROW80/#wordmongering much more – Steam began well and again has trailed off. But I have made some excellent Twitter friends and I hope to catch up with them all again very soon!

5. Work on my part of a chapter of the WIP every week – The WIP is still a WIP due to commitments of all of us authors, but we’re going to get back together in the New Year to work on finishing the content and taking the next step. Still really excited by this!

Anyway, thanks again all for viewing any of my ramblings again, and I hope to join you all again for the first round of 2013! I will post tomorrow about my holiday plans, yay!

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. interesting key words there:) I have never done my stats maybe I should. all the best for the festivities hope to see you next round:)

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    • I’m sure if I had the time I could find even more interesting key words! These are just from Webmaster tools and not WordPress. Hope to see you next round too. Thanks for stopping by Alberta! 🙂

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  2. Poor Jonathan Chase, there must be a story behind that somewhere otherwise why would people be searching for it? If you get the gossip on it I’d be intrigued to know (although I might just search for it now!).

    Interesting stats and things can be very slow to start with. I hope the momentum has continued and you are at record numbers now.

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    • Thanks The Guy! I need to do an updated post I think – I can’t believe I did that one just before I went to NZ in 2012, so long ago. Watch out for one soon, maybe to celebrate 3 years of my blog so far?

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