Sino-Sunday #23

In this photo series, I present snapshots of experiences from my two years in China, including many previously unpublished photos.
On a Sunday, of course.

sino sunday

#23 – 17th January 2012

Kangbashi, another fun outing to my favourite  ghost city. On this day I went out to the ice festival which was being held there with Wenzel, one of the teachers from South Africa, and our Chinese colleagues: Daisy,Gaby, Candy, Connie, Vicky and her friend. This outing was exciting for me as I’d already worked from 2nd January to this point with only two days off, 8am-9pm each day.

We had a really fun day out at the ice festival with all the huge snow sculptures and ice carvings. Obviously it’s not as big as Harbin but no less impressive in the designs anyhow. Here we all are trying to ice skate, unsuccessful of course, but I count it as a win as I didn’t fall down!

Again, you wouldn’t really grasp how cold it really was with the sun streaming into our faces. It was definitely well below 0 degrees Celcius during the day and we stayed until dark so you can only trust me with how cold it was by looking closely and we’re all a little fatter than usual with all our clothing padding! You can also see the Mongolian crown-shaped building in the background, which is the Kangbashi Opera House. Random or what?!

  Enjoying Kangbashi ice festival

Ever looked this happy in such cold temperatures?

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. “Ever looked this happy in such cold temperatures?” – No.

    Tim doesn’t do cold! But the Kangbashi Opera House certainly looks (and sounds) interesting!!! 😀

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    • “Tim doesn’t do cold” – love it! Yeah, some really interesting buildings, even if not so many people around to see them!

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  2. You must have had a real blast with the girls!! Missing you a lot. I’m leaving China in 4 weeks!!!

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    • It just seems so long ago!

      Wow girl, can’t believe it! How are you feeling?

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