Sino-Sunday #22

In this photo series, I present snapshots of experiences from my two years in China, including many previously unpublished photos.
On a Sunday, of course.

sino sunday

#22 – 30th December 2011

Here we are learning parts of the body, by sticking post-it notes onto “Georgina!” I really liked this class that I worked with, maybe it was because they were the last class I had on a Sunday afternoon and I could go home after a busy weekend, however there were some characters in here, 3 boys compared to about 10 girls!

The boys were big on speaking Chinese in class, and I used to chastise them often, usually making them a little embarrassed at the same time. I’d often threatened to sellotape their mouths together if they did and always brought a roll to class with me a stuck in on the board just in case, a method I know would be very frowned upon in the UK school system I am aware. I had the boy’s father’s permission to “beat answers” out of him however…

In creating “Georgina,” it was George who was speaking the most in this particular class, so he was the one I made lie on the floor for one of the other students to draw around and create a body! It was very useful having a wipe-clean floor such as this one for my classes, as I also used drawings on the floor for another wide range of games. (my advice for those without a wipe-clean floor, just get a HUGE piece of paper, or lots of A4 pieces stuck together 😉 )

learning body parts in China

 What do you think of my “teaching” methods?

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. I LOVE your teaching methods!! Permission to ‘beat answers’ out of a student? Although I’m sure you’d never do it, it must have been nice to know you had the authority! :p

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    • It was never tempting, but the sellotape threat was very fun!

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  2. That is quite an interesting perspective on teaching and shows a vast contrast in Western and Chinese standards. You are correct in that a lot of what was available to you as teaching options are not acceptable in the UK, would even lead to imprisonment in some circumstances.

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    • Yes, I am aware of that and that’s why I’ve been put off teaching in England…!

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