Sino-Sunday #21

In this photo series, I present snapshots of experiences from my two years in China, including many previously unpublished photos.
On a Sunday, of course.

sino sunday

#21 – 23rd December 2011

Have you ever been Father Christmas? I hadn’t until working at the Ordos Aston English Christmas Party. As one of the only foreign teachers who was keen to dress up, I got shoved into the “grotto” to hand out gifts (yo-yos, as they were all the rage at the time) to the students. It was really fun and the girl in the picture was one of my students. Her name was Emma and she always got a little stroppy in class if she didn’t win games!

Bennett as Santa


On Christmas Eve, the day after this party, we were actually working as it was a Saturday. I’d made pass-the-parcels for each of my classes (meticulously making sure that each parcel had enough layers for each student to get a sweet!). When I played it with Emma’s class, she didn’t win the middle prize and therefore threw a big temper tantrum during class. She was only about 4/5 though so I might let her off…maybe.

Have you ever dressed up as Father Christmas/Santa Claus?

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. You both look so adorable! You must be really missing your Chinese students, huh? Less than 7 weeks and I’m back in Europe. Enjoying my last weeks in the Land of Dragons!

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    • 7 weeks?! Wow. You must be so excited and sad and scared all in one go – I remember that feeling like it was yesterday. Enjoy your last few weeks! <3

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  2. hehehe I’ve never dressed up as Santa, but I did throw a temper tantrum once or twice when I didn’t win a childhood game!!

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    • Didn’t we all? I may confess to throwing a few tantrums as an adult losing games too 😉

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