Singapore Flyer

In which I go on a big wheel

The Singapore Flyer is currently the largest observation wheel in the world standing at 165m(541ft), offering 360 degree panoramic views across Singapore. The London Eye in comparison is only 135m. There are plans afoot for Statten Island , Las Vegas and Moscow to build higher observation wheels however.

I visited on a fairly quiet day, sharing my capsule only with a small family from New Zealand, funnily enough, who were also kind enough to take my picture. Bennett on singapore flyer

What excited me most about the Singapore Flyer was the fact that it was soooo close to the Singapore F1 circuit pit stops. Now, I’m not as big a fan of Formula 1 as I used to be, but how is this for a view?!

singapore flyer

Singapore F1 Circuit from the Singapore Flyer

Not bad, eh? I just missed the Singapore race as it was the weekend after I left. Gutted, but I was also told that Singapore would be chockablock during that weekend, so maybe I got away lightly!

Although it wasn’t an overly sunny day when I went, it was still fairly clear and the clouds were high, offering us a great view over Singapore. We could see the freight ships in the harbourĀ  singapore flyer

as well as the Marina Barrage really clearly.

Marina barrage from singapore flyer

Marina Barrage

The Gardens by the Bay were also really clear although I’m sure they would look even more stunning at night. singapore flyer

The view across the main marina and Marina Bay Sands was also stunning. The hotel stands out in the skyline and is really the centre of attention. You cannot miss it!

After my lovely trip, I indulged in nachos and a Singapore Sling, while writing postcards as you do – I really love nachos and I’d definitely give these an 8 out for 10 as I got offered more sauce, but I’d have liked some meat to go with it!


Singapore Sling and nachos under the Singapore Flyer

Yummy, yummy in my tummy!

Would you like to go on the Singapore Flyer?

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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