Riyuegu Hot Springs, Xiamen

In which we head to Riyuegu Hot Springs

As I only have a matter of weeks left here in Zhangzhou, I’m determined to make the most of my remaining weekends (Monday/Tuesday). This means doing lots of things. This Monday, we went to Riyuegu Hot Springs in Xiamen. I went last year when Phil’s friend Driscoll came to visit, however I got no photos so I was determined to change this.

Paul and I were up for some relaxing time too.

We took a taxi to the hot springs. Usually we can get this for 30RMB per person to Xiamen, if the car is full, however, because we were going somewhere on the highway, we had to hire a whole car for 120RMB between the two of us. Considering the distance, it’s not all that bad really.

Arriving at the Riyuegu hot springs, our taxi door was opened by a porter. The hot springs park is part of a 5 star hotel, which is the opposite side of the road to the park, so immediately you feel like you’re somewhere luxurious.

Although us posing on the ducks wasn’t very 5 star đŸ˜‰

riyuegu hot springs

At the reception desk, we show the deal we had found on the park website. The park ticket isn’t cheap at 328RMB, however if we paid 388RMB we would get the park ticket, plus an hour’s Swedish Full Body Massage, worth 280RMB: not bad on the relaxing front really! You only pay at the end though. You are given a wristband with a number, which is your locker number and “money” in the park. You enter the changing rooms (girls and guys separate of course), and are shown to your locker number. Inside the locker there are hangers, a towel and flip flops.

You can ask for a small bag from the staff to carry such things as camera and phone, however you are warned that the bags aren’t waterproof – we were also told no photos in the park at the front desk…ha.ha.ha!

You have to take a quick shower and then you can enter the park.

It’s beautifully landscaped, you feel like you are somewhere very exotic and relaxing. One of our first stops was in a cool hut, a sauna and then a waterfall to clean ourselves off. riyuegu hot springs

riyuegu hot springs

It was pretty fun!

Next stop was a group of pools, all scented with various items for drinks, including coffee, lemon, cucumber and guava.

All the pools were also various temperatures, some warmer and you have to slowly move yourself in and some cooler.

We had a lot of fun just lazing around in all the pools. One of our favourite and more exciting things to do was sit in an ice cold pool for as long as we could, then get out and jump into the warmer pool next to it – very invigorating!

It was soon time for our massage and Paul and I both felt very relaxed afterwards.

riyuegu hot springs

Massage room

We were also treated to lots of tea stations where we could refresh ourselves and get dry towels. riyuegu hot springs

I was enjoying making other silly poses too:

One of our final things we did was the Fish Spa. I’ve known about these for ages however have never tried it before so was really eager to. For 30RMB added to our money bracelets, we could lounge around in the fish pools for as long as we wanted. I did immerse myself at first, much to my amusement. I can’t remember the last time I laughed and giggled so much – it was sooooo tickly! It took me a good 5-10 minutes to get used to the sensation.

After that, it was fun to listen to other people get in and have the same reaction as us.

After our time in the park, which also included a free fruit and soft drink buffet, we showered in well stocked showers and tried to organise a taxi back to Zhangzhou. For some reason the staff couldn’t order one for us, but one girl pointed us in the direction of the main road, saying something (in Chinese of course) about being able to get to Zhangzhou on a bus. We walk down the street, wait 5 minutes and a Zhangzhou bus appears, score! riyuegu hot springs

Very bumpy, reminding me of the trip to Xingping in Guilin, but great that we managed to end the day with a 21RMB bus ride towards our dinner to end a great day!

Would you like to spend a day relaxing at Riyuegu hot springs?

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. This place looks great! I want to go! Your riding of that pig, not so much. lol I may not want to ride a pig, but I’m all for checking out all those different kinds of pools. Especially the fish one!

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    • Yeah, I’m just a bit of an idiot at heart really! đŸ˜‰ First time with the fish – loved it after I got used to the tickly sensation.

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  2. Sooooooo funny hahaha XD,do u have hot spring in England?

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