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I review the Sunrise Hostel Beijing sunrise hostel beijing

I have stayed at the Sunrise Hostel Beijing twice now. It’s a well situated hostel in Beijing, close to Wangfujing shopping street, Dong’anmen Night Market and Tian’anmen Square all but 10-15 minutes walk away. You are also close by to Wangfujing and Tian’anmen East subway stations which gives you good access to the whole of the Beijing subway network. I chose this hostel the first time because it had been recommended to me by friends and I was not disappointed with it’s location, as I think that is a key element to staying somewhere.

Whilst also being close to the sights, it’s also tucked away behind from the main roads, but also not too far away from the main roads, which helps with safety.

It’s really easy to find on Hostelbookers and there are a lot of room options available, including 5 bed dorms and various twin/en-suite rooms too at a good price. I’ve stayed in both a twin en-suite and a 5 bed dorm and they are all very comfortable.

5 bed dorm: £5.33/$8.05 per night

Twin (shared bath): £9.06/$13.68

Twin (private bath): £13-14/$19-21

For the twin rooms, I have also noticed that there are sometimes special offers on Hostelbookers.

sunrise hostel beijing dorm room

The Sunrise Hostel Beijing is fairly small, which means that socially, you get to know whoever is staying at the hostel at the same time as you. The bar area is a good place to meet and chat with people,  as well as displaying interesting movie posters. It is also decorated with A4 sheets of paper from people all over the world who have stayed there, which is nice and gives it a very “hostelly” feel. sunrise hostel beijing bar area

The staff are all really friendly and helpful. You can book train and plane tickets with their help for a small fee and they are also easy to approach for help and advice. I bought a cake for Beka’s birthday and I asked them if I could keep in the fridge overnight which was not a problem at all for them!

birthday cake at sunrise hostel beijng

Cake and you can see some of the A4 sheets behind us!

The first time I stayed at Sunrise Hostel Beijing they had a dumpling party on the Thursday night. We weren’t staying there on a Thursday, but as it was Chinese New Year, a time when people eat lots of dumplings, they threw a dumpling party anyway so everyone could join in. sunrise hostel beijing dumpling party As a draught beer (squiggle beer, as Beka named it) was only ¥15, the size you can see in the picture, it was a relatively cheap place to drink and me social.

The only downside that everyone complains about is the fact that you can smoke in this small room after 1pm. Yes, I can see why this is annoying but at the same time I am more used to it having lived in smoke-welcome China for a while.

One other good thing about the hostel though is free Wi-fi. My laptop found it a bit difficult at times, however most people didn’t seem to have too much of a problem. I still managed to do some work though, whilst my owl, Boris, looked on and I drank tea! writing at sunrise hostel beijing


I really, really recommend the Sunrise Hostel Beijing. It’s got everything that someone could want from a hostel:

  • Wi-fi
  • A social area
  • Clean dorms
  • Laundry
  • Close to sights and transport links
  • Helpful staff – with tours, suggestions, tickets and hostel bookings

The Chinese address:

Sunrise Hostel: 北京市东城区南河沿大街,胡同北京CiQiKu

Would you like to stay at the Sunrise Hostel Beijing? If you have, what did you think of it?

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