Review: Jiangnan Renjia Apartment Hotel, Xiamen

I review the Jiangnan Renjia Apartment Hotel, Xiamen

I wanted to stay overnight in Xiamen before I flew to Beijing the next day to meet up with Beka. I hadn’t been to Xiamen for a while so just wanted to wander and sit in Zhongshan Park for a while. I have stayed in some different hotels before, but the one I liked before was full for the night I wanted it, cue another search on to find somewhere cheap.

I found Jiangnan Renjia Apartment Hotel for 1 night at ¥148 (£16/$24). It was new on the website and I’m a sucker for trying out new hotels and seeing what they are like. It’s situated just off the Zhongshan Road area of Xiamen which is really handy for visiting Gulangyu island. I took a taxi from Zhangzhou to the main road and walked the last bit.

The hotel was pretty easy, if you know what to look for. I had the address in Chinese, as that is a must anywhere in China. There was a door number, which helped, as on the buildings the numbers were clearly visible. There was a security guard outside, who, when I showed him the address, seemed to confirm that this was the right place and that the reception was on the 6th floor (although this conversation was all in Chinese).

To the 6th floor I went. Now, the tricky part, although if I had been paying more it wouldn’t have been so tricky. Basically the floor is a standard apartment block and some of the rooms are people’s homes. The reception for the Jiangnan Renjia Apartment Hotel, Xiamen was 622, so when I read my address I had again, it was easy 😉 All I had to do was knock on the door.

One thing  wasn’t asked for on check-in was my passport, which was odd…as that always happens in Chinese hotels/hostels.

The friendly guy took me to my room after I’d paid and my, it was a lot more than what I was expecting! This room could sleep 5+. There were two huge double beds, as well as a sofa. There was a kettle and sink, wardrobe, TV, plenty of pairs of plastic slippers, a balcony with a washing machine on it and a very adequate en-suite bathroom.

I swear I had only booked a twin room…

One massive plus was also the free and quick Wi-fi, which I hadn’t paid too much attention about when booking. The guy at reception had written the network and password on my receipt so that was a doddle!

The key to the room also had the electronic tag which you used at the main gate to get into the building itself.

All in all, if you’re looking for somewhere as a group of backpackers that’s a little different from a hostel but no less value for money, I would definitely recommend this hotel. I think I had a quadruple room (sleeps 5), as maybe it was what they had left, but even that would only be ¥208 per night, which divided by 5 is not all that much at all. Ok, there’s not as much social side but you get a lot of space for your money!

It was such a surprise!

What do you think of the hotel?

The address, in Chinese:

厦门江南人家酒店公寓 (hotel name)

思明区思明东路48号622室, 361000 厦门 (address)

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