Review: The Clever Travel Companion

In which I review clothes from the Clever Travel Companion

I was recently lucky enough to be sent some clothes by the the Clever Travel Companion to review. The following post is all of my own opinion.

The Clever Travel Companion sells travel safety gear; better than money belts, clothes with secret pockets keep your valuables safe!
Clever Travel Companion website

Ever been on a train, a bus, in a hostel or just walking down the street somewhere you felt a little uncomfortable and wanted to be able to hide your valuables much more discreetly?

Pickpockets and thieves know about money belts around the waist, and ones which go around your neck – they know where to get your valuable items such as passport, cash and cards.

And how about going to the toilet with all these items on your person too? What happens if you take off your money belt and forget to put it back on again?

This is where Clever Travel Companion come in with their range of undergarments to wear to help protect your valuables. The website states that the clothing is “100% pocket proof.”

So, what clothes did I get and what did I think of them?

The Original Tank Top with Pocket

The tank top with pocket is made from 100% cotton and is very pleasing to the touch, and to wear.

clever travel companion

Tank top label

It’s nice a stretchy, yet not too clingy. I loved the black colour as in warmer climes this wouldn’t show so much for sweating!

For the pocket, to put the passport in flush it had to go in landscape. Not too tricky and as it’s a simple pocket sewn into the inside of the tank top, you can straighten out any caught corners.

The zip itself is nice and flush with the tank top, although you can still see that you are carrying something underneath your clothes. Here are a couple of shots showing the tank top on its own and under another t-shirt (I am the worst model/photographer in the world so please bear with me):

So the passport is visible, but it would take a very, very confident mugger/thief to take it away from you, as in the first picture they’d have to wrestle with the zip without your knowledge and in the second, be able to remove the t-shirt and/or be very deft at putting their hand up your shirt… yeah, didn’t think so.

I think, as a travel piece, it is very useful. Who doesn’t have a million backpack straps on them when moving from one place to another, so it’s still covered up. Even when not travelling, this piece would be useful for exercise, running/cycling etc and carrying an iPod and some change, so it’s not just a great travel piece.


The Original Underwear with Pockets

The underwear is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex and is again, very pleasing to touch and comfortable to wear.

clever travel companion

Underwear label

The underwear, being of shorts design, are very comfortable which is very important when travelling. Nothing riding up in inconvenient places!

There are two pockets, which is of added use for passport and cash/cards, which are on the front of the underwear. I think this is better than having it behind, mostly from a shape of the bum point of view. Quite girly, but we still want to look good whilst travelling, right?!

The passport fits in in portrait and you can easily pull out anything that’s ridden up when you put it into the pocket. The zips are again flush with the material and don’t stick out. I put on my skinny jeans over the underwear so you can see what it looks like with the passport in (again, apologies for the model/photography!):

clever travel companion

Passport in the underwear under the skinny jeans

You can see that it looks like there is something in the jeans pocket, whereas it’s actually in the underwear pocket. Again, it would have to be a very light-handed pickpocket to reach into your trousers and undo the zip without your noticing!

What’s also great about this is that when you do need to go to the toilet, the passport that would usually, if you have skinny jeans or any trousers with useless, small, small pockets, fall out actually stays safe in the zipped underwear pockets – great stuff!

The Verdict

I think the Clever Travel Companion have come up with a great range of items, for guys and gals, to safety store their valuables. It doesn’t hide them completely, but I don’t know what would even more discreetly. I think the zips and the difficulty that pickpockets and thieves would have to get to said valuables though, more than makes up for this fact.

The material is comfortable. The length of both the tank top and underwear shorts are good too, which I think is important. I also think that these shorts could also double up as some beach cover up if needed to.

Other products available: long johns, men’s underwear shorts, v-neck t-shirt and scoop neck t-shirt.

I think these items are a must have for any traveller, in lieu of the traditional money belts because of their lightweight qualities, safety qualities and versatility.

Fancy one of the items from the Clever Travel Companion range? Don’t forget to head over to their website – you can buy gift cards too!

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All views expressed are my own and I was not paid to form an opinion – the items however, were provided complimentary. 
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