Bennett loves writing! guest post

I’m always willing to write extra articles for other sites to add to my own portfolio of work on this one. You can check out some that I have contributed to sites all over the web below, from written articles, photo galleries and contributions to part posts.

I recently won the Gold Award for China for 2013 over at ExpatsBlog.

ExpatsBlog Gold Award 2013 - China

I will also be willing to accept guest posts from other writers. If you have an idea about something you’d like to write for The Further Adventures of Bennett, just use the contact form to get in touch and we can discuss your ideas.

If you just want me to put links on my site for free, then beat it.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

ExpatsBlog.com - Where Expats Blog

For GreenGlobalTravel.com: Killing for Conservation: Can Hunting Save the Black Rhino? 


Flights and Frustrations – I wrote a series of 7 posts for The Guy about the 72 hour visa-free rule for stopovers in China: Chengdu, Chongqing, Beijing Pt1, Beijing Pt2, Shanghai Pt1, Shanghai Pt2 and Guangzhou

FlipNomad – A piece I wrote for FlipNomad about 10 Chinese foods you must try!

TraveloCafe – A piece I wrote for TraveloCafe about the top 5 things to do in Fujian.

Travel With Bender – A piece I wrote for Erin of Travel with Bender about Lin Yutang and his life.

TravelDudes – A piece on why you should travel to Beijing in the winter.

eTramping – A collaborative post with Agness and Cez about budget tips in Guilin.

Girl Gone International – 5 girly things you need to consider packing when you travel to China.

Leaving Cairo – A piece I wrote for Bex Hall of Leaving Cairo about the best thing about being an expat.

ExpatsBlog – 8 things I’ll never get used to in China – Some observations about my life in China.

ExpatsBlog – When culture shock reverses – What happens when you live in China for a while and then visit a Western country.

i-to-i TEFL – Bad Translations in China – Bad English signs!

TEFL in China

Silk Collar – I wrote a piece about experiencing racism as an English teacher in China.

Language Clan – A helpful list of 5 games you can play in your ESL class!


That Backpacker – A handy FAQ guide to teaching English in China.

Curiosity Travels – A helpful guide to choosing the right Chinese city to live in when you’re teaching English.

Go Overseas – A review and Alumni interview about working for Aston.


Totally Sam’s World – A Totally Travel Talk interview with  Sam of Totally Sam’s World.

Travel Blogger Interviews – An interview with The Guy about my travelling life.

Girl Gone International – An GGI interview about my decision to choose China as my new home.

ExpatsBlog – An ExpatsBlog interview

i-to-i TEFL – An i-to-i TEFL interview

Other travel pieces

Calculated Traveller – A piece on my memories of Newcastle Upon Tyne from summer 2012.

Girl Gone International –  Must Read Travel Blogs Week Two.

Photo galleries

Dave’s Travel CornerPersonal photo galleries. Currently featuring: Guilin.

Contributions to longer posts

Curiosity Travels– I suggested Beijing to be a part of Jessica’s Best Winter destinations post.

Be My Travel Muse– I submitted a photo of my tattoo for Kristin’s Travel tattoos post.

Turnip Seeds Travel – I submitted a photo for Vanessa’s Stuffed Bags Containing Stuffed Animals post.

Afterglobe – I submitted a photo for the first Travel Photo Carnival – Flora.

Life Outside of Texas – I submitted a photo for Meagan’s “Favorite Travel Photo” post.

Suitcase Stories – I submitted a photo for Nicole and Michael’s group post “Nature’s Best Photo Essay.

A Passion and a Passport
– I submitted a photo for Jessica’s group post A View from a Window.”
– I submitted three travel apps for the post “12 Travel Apps to download now.
– I submitted a photo for the 29 Gorgeous Beaches around the world post

For Exploration Online:

Ghost Towns in China – I wrote about the phenomenon of ghost towns in China.

Introduction to Teaching English in China – First impressions.

Beijing 2008: The Olympic effect – Looking at Beijing 4 years on.

Goodbye to Guidebooks? – I discuss the decreasing popularity of guidebooks.

Beijing Subway -The art of elbow warfare – How to survive the Beijing Subway.

The Secretly Ignorant Traveller – How much do we really know about our destinations?