Ordos: Wǒ laí zhè sān ge yuè le.

The post title means “I’ve been here for 3 months.” I’ve managed to install small programme onto my laptop so I can type all the Pinyin tones, it’s very exciting!

Another week in Erdos has flown by. I had parent’s meetings in classes this week to let the parents know how their children are doing. I also got permission from one dad to slap his son when he spoke Chinese in class!

It has begun to do the whole, snowing thing and apparently at the end of this week, according to Dad anyway, the wind chill is not going to be very friendly at all. But at least it’s beginning to feel a little Christmassy now. I made some paper chains with some stuff I had left over from making Christmas cards and we’re going out to find some more decorations soon. Seems like it’s all tacky, cardboard things, but at the moment we’re not too bothered, as long as it’s Christmassy! We’re going to steal a tree, as there’s a load of Christmas trees near our house. We’re going to take a meat cleaver and chop one down at some point and we even have pots here, so it’s going to be great!

No more news on Johan, apart from the fact that he’s been moved to Hohhot to be nearer a specialist. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, Pepper is continuing to be my stalker. She’s been wandering into my room and leaping on me, and also trying to get out the window. She actually managed this the other day and ended up on the porch, where obviously, I wasn’t going to rescue her. I just left the window open and her to her own devices.

Now I can’t help you…

Another funny sign to add to my growing collection. Wenzel and I spotted this on our way to Location 1 on Friday, when we were heading to Chinese lesson:


But the wording makes me think the sign should look more like this:

“For the handicaped, and beyond!”

Going back to Chinese, I’m fairly pleased with how I’m doing. However we learned last week that there are different a/an/the for pretty much every noun, so that’s going to be a pain. For example:

A dog: yī zhī goǔ (1 [zhī] dog)
A chair: yī bǎ yǐzī (1 [bǎ] chair)
A beer: yī píng píjiǔ (1 [píng] beer)

Great, isn’t it?

I’ve been trying to make sentences, as I think I know a fair few words now, and a few characters. I was teaching “What would you like?” to my C3b class this week and they were talking about the different cars and turns out, all the car names have a Chinese version. Here are just a few examples:

BMW: bǎo mà
Bentley: bī lì
VW: dà zhòng
And my favourite, Land Rover: lù hǔ (literally means ‘road tiger!)

Wǒ xǐ huān yòu tàng cài yòu qié zi. = I not only like hotpot but also aubergine.

I’ll stop showing off now.

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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