One Day: Part Six

To read parts one and two of my “One Day,” please head here, to read part three, head here and part four (and a half) herePart five and three quarters was published in May 2016.
This is part of my yearly “really open up” series, based on the David Nicholls’ book, One Day, as the date in the book of Emma and Dex’s graduation was the same day as mine, 15th July.


Friday 15th July 2016

It’s been five years since I graduated. Five years of adventures and happenings which have blown me away. I’ve loved and lost many a being in those years – all those of you who deserted me in Queenstown over just the past two years and are having a fab time elsewhere, good for you!

Even Craig and I managed to make it out of the bubble sometimes. In the past couple of months we’ve visited Doubtful Sound (yes, post still to come!)

Doubtful Sound

Doubtful Sound

and we’ve even dragged out Craig’s new Kiwi passport for the first time and headed across the ditch to Melbourne (yes, also more posts to come)

Ocean Road

12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road – t’was a little damp!

– coincidentally it was also the last time I used my passport, as I’ve since sent mine off to be renewed.

How do I reflect on the last 5 years? Let’s do a Top 5 list of awesome moments, shall we?

5. I cannot claim to have lived in Queenstown for the past 17 months without having completed a bungy. The 134m high Nevis bungy to be exact. Never again, is all I’m going to say – it’s skydiving time for me next!

4. Saying goodbye to my students in Zhangzhou was one of the hardest, most overwhelming moments in the past 5 years – I still look at these photos and I know exactly how I felt at that moment!

3. Now, not my most musical of moments, however it does express greatly the best week of Beka coming to visit me in Beijing in February 2013.

2. Back in October 2012 I visited Steph in Vietnam. She wrote the most amazing post for me, which still makes me smile and remember everything about that week in Ho Chi Minh City!

1. And the one where it all started. A short and sweet account of what I planned to do, 5 years ago. It’s great to see where my thoughts and plans have taken me!

So, what next? I hear you all cry.

Apart from catch up on a tonne of blog posts and photos and stories… I don’t know what’s next. Life is currently summed up by my Valentine’s card from Craig this year:

Where are we going next?

Where are we going next?

I don’t know what or where I want to end up. I know it will probably be with Craig (get that shit off the blog I hear you cry!), but whether we are north or south island of New Zealand, back in the UK or even me lugging him to China, who knows? All I know for the moment is Queenstown has currently given me my fill and I want something else. We’ll just see how long/if that feeling takes us anywhere.

Peace out.

Where should Craig and I go next?!

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. If you’re looking for somewhere that you’ll never get bored of, then I say India – you might be exasperated, tired, frustrated and exhausted, but never bored!! And if, somehow, you do manage to see and experience everything – there’s Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan right next door!

    Looking forward to hearing your next plans 😀

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