One Day: Part Five (and Three Quarters)

To read parts one and two of my “One Day,” please head here, to read part three, head here and part four (and a half) here.
This is part of my yearly “really open up” series, based on the David Nicholls’ book, One Day, as the date in the book of Emma and Dex’s graduation was the same day as mine, 15th July.


Thursday 12th May 2016

It’s been a long time, I know. My last post was about a hike to Glacier Burn with my Scouts, which was published in June 2015 but backdated from November 2014! So I also missed my One Day yearly post.

It’s not that I am not having adventures right now – that is certainly not the case as I have been very lucky with what I have seen since living in Queenstown.

I just let work get the better of me. I found this summer very challenging, much more than even those last few months in China. Add into the mix a little issue with trying to obtain a police certificate from China as part of my residency application (because I lived there for more than 1 year – if I don’t get it I could be waiting 7 years to apply for residency…) It left me with little vigour to get excited about writing.

I was also having technology troubles, and having little patience, I was not prepared to sit for hours at my laptop for it to even turn on, to then write and publish posts which would also take hours to prepare, load and post. I know, whinging, but I’m always honest on this blog!

I know I have so much to catch up on, hell, we were away for a whole month in October on a road trip in our own car around the north island, so I have plenty of material! What I also now have is new technology. Not only do we now take photos with a GoPro (so much fun, I don’t care what you think of selfie sticks, I can finally get half decent photos of me in them!), I have finally managed to upgrade my laptop, which takes seconds to turn on, yay!

Finally to work – I have made a change which has improved my happiness and general well-being. It was hard to come to the decision that work was affecting me and my life, but I’m so glad I made it as I’m out the other side still smiling too!

I was lucky enough to have my grandparents visit in March, which was a nice little break from everything, showing them around my Queenstown and letting them experience new things. We went Stargazing, ate lots of food and went on the TSS Earnslaw for a BBQ lunch. It was a nice way to finish off summer.

Now, back in time…. (cue trippy music)

Wednesday 15th July

I am just days away from an Outward Bound experience in Anakiwa, near Picton. I was supposed to do this week long course back in April but they cancelled it and rescheduled for the middle of winter…considering we have to do a lot of water based activities and hiking I’m a little apprehensive. I have to coach to Christchurch and stay overnight, then catch another coach the next day to meet the Outward Bound guides at 12:30pm on the Saturday afternoon. This trip to Piction from Queenstown is impossible in a day! It’s the same on the return journey – so all in all I’m away for 10 days, the longest time Craig and I have been apart (how will he cope?! I know I’ll be fine 😉 )

I am looking forward to the break though, if you could call it that – I’m needing time away from work to consider what I want to do, as I’m not 100% happy with what I am doing now…

See One Day again on 15th July 2016!

Are you looking forward to summer/winter where you are?

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. Just landed in Pakistan, and it’s already summer here!! Soooooo happy to escape the cold Melbourne winter!

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