Newton Food Court, Singapore

Bennett’s back after a hiatus – hopefully the internet in New Zealand will play ball now and I can relive my memories and experiences of China, Singapore and New Zealand more regularly now – sorry for the wait!

In which I get to eat like a local in Singapore at Newton Food Court

I was very excited about eating at Newton Food Court, one of the hawker places in Singapore. What was more exciting was that I was being taken by a local! newton food court

Sarah P (yes, another one, what is it with me and Sarahs?!) runs an awesome blog about travelling whilst she’s studying to become a lawyer and she’s from Singapore.  She’s studied abroad and has even visited Shaftesbury of all places, which is only 25 minutes from home. Sarah B and Sarah P

It’s great to meet like minded people on the road and to share knowledge and experiences. It’s also great to eat together and Sarah was more than generous ordering things that I would like.

We had seafood noodles called Hokkien Mee: Hokkien Mee newton food court

Barbecued stingray:

newton food court

BBQ sambal stingray -“sambal” means “chilli” in Malay

Sugar cane juice (amazing!) and Popiah, an unfried spring roll containing soy sauce, ginger, chilli, beansprouts, lettuce, peanuts, shallots, shredded egg and the main ingredient of finely grated steamed or stir-fried turnip/radish. Sarah informed me that the quality of the radish is the most important thing: it needs to be moist enough to soften the base and pull the ingredients together, but if it’s too moist, it makes the base soggy and difficult to eat! newton food court

Chicken, beef and mutton satay: mmmmmm my favourite. I just can’t help but love anything with peanuts, sorry sufferers!

newton food court

And for dessert we had “Ice Kachang“:

newton food court

Means “ice nuts” in Malay

 It’s really fun to watch the hawkers and the families and couples and friends at Newton Food Court. The hawkers walk around with their placards offering you chilli crab; newton food court families try and stuff all this gorgeous but alien food into their children; newton food court couples tentatively feed each other; newton food court and friends snap pictures of each other with their food. newton food court

 I thoroughly enjoyed my food, experience and company at Newton Food Court. Anyone who knows me will know that if I have food, I’m very happy! newton food court

Does the food tickle your tastebuds?

Thanks Sarah P of The Travel Spotlight for showing me around your home city/country! Please check out her website here.
Newton Food Court can be found at Newton MRT stop in Singapore.
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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. Hi Sarah! Great post & kudos on making Newton Hawker centre look so enticing! I swear I don’t explore my home enough so it was great to spend an evening with you! Come back and visit when there’s a flight promo since you’re not that far away now! We can go explore the Bayfront area (which I just – as recently as last week actually – got acquainted with!)

    P.S. Your photos are making me crave a Peanut Ice Kachang now (it was my first time trying the peanut variety!)

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    • I’m really thankful for you showing me around – it was great to not have to think so much for once! I really loved the Ice Kachang, but as you heard, I love peanuts! I will definitely try to visit again, or you’re more than welcome to come to NZ… 😉

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  2. I’m very jealous of the food you tried in Singapore. Everything looks so yummy and healthy. I wish I could try one of these unfried spring rolls. Do they taste the same like the ones from Vietnam?

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    • I’d say they were similar to the ones in Vietnam, as quite soft, but altogether different because of the fillings. Yummmmmmy!

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