My Journey West

My brief stop in Xiamen was nice. I arrived on Sunday night in the middle of a fantastic lightning storm. Managed to find the hotel quickly too, which was good as it was also tipping it down. The hotel was lovely but when I enquirer about the shuttle bus to the airport (one of the main reasons I’d booked the hotel in the first place), I was told it didn’t exist. Annoying. However the room and especially the bed more than made up for it. I do not think that I have ever slept in a comfier bed! I did get breakfast though, and it was the first time I’ve had proper toast since being in China, so that was a highlight of an otherwise very Chinese breakfast.
Anyway, the hotel staff hailed me a taxi in the morning so that was a little plus point on their behalf. The journey to the airport was quick and hassle free although when I wanted to find the check in, international check in at Gaoqi airport looks a little like you’re going through security, and you feel like you shouldn’t be bringing your hold luggage with you! I was early but that was no problem. I have never travelled with what felt like so little luggage though. My big bag looked as small as my little one. When I checked in I was one of the first so the check in lady asked if I would like an emergency exit seat. Yes please, and here is the result of that, WONDERFUL!!!!

Flying to Amsterdam I am sure we flew over Ordos which was pretty cool. I was very excited to find The Hunger Games movie on the in-flight entertainment so watched that with joy.

Chinese people go to sleep rather quickly. No sooner had we taken off, the man who was sat next to me had begun to snore. I on the other hand had an hour’s nap during the middle of the flight, but I blame the fact that it was a midday flight. I think I’m a relatively easy passenger. There were lots of very small children which was pretty irritating, for me and the poor cabin crew too. I would never take small children in such a long flight, or a flight at all in all honesty! Also, the Chinese passengers didn’t seem to obey the “seatbelt on” sign very well, despite everything being in Dutch, English and Chinese (KLM). I think this annoyed the crew more than the kids, although one got annoyed with a westerner walking his kid up the aisle when the sign was on…

Anyway, to cut the long story short I arrived in good time. I seem to make a habit of having early flights, not that I’m complaining. I slept well and can confirm going back in time is much easier to recover from than going forward!

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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