Marina Barrage, Singapore

In which I speak to you via video from Marina Barrage, Singapore

“What, you’re in Singapore? I thought you were in China?”

Yes, dear friends, I am sorry for this confusion but I have now officially left China. It feels good, unlike this time last week when it felt like my heart was being ripped out.

Anyway, I am in Singapore. I know I have been slow with posts recently, so I thought a quick video of yours truly explaining the Marina Barrage in Singapore would suffice until I can give you something more substantial. There were a lot of people flying kites today! marina barrage kites

I hope you enjoy it!


By the way, I am loving Singapore. Reasons why in a later post!

Do you think I have a face for radio?!

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. Are you already in Singapore? Wow, I am so impressed. Great video, enjoy yourself. Singapore looks amazing!

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    • Sorry Agness – you were considered spam :/
      Yeah, Singapore is awesome! I’m glad you like the vid!

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