Imminent Departure To China

Haven’t you departed for China yet?

Well according to my last post, I should have made my departure to China by now. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen as I had epic problems waiting for, and getting the relevant documents I needed to apply for my visa. This included a mad dash to the DHL depot in Southampton to get my documents, as I was expecting them to arrive on a Thursday, with my visa application being handed in on the Friday. However, I rang them when they didn’t turn up and they said they were delivering them on the Friday. Great. But the heavy rain didn’t stop my Dad and I travelling to pick them up, in time for me to catch a train to my grandparents’ house to hand in the visa stuff on the Friday. Thanks Dad!

Anyway, that’s the back story. I now, finally, have my visa which I collected yesterday and have booked my flights for my departure to China. Also had a good day meeting up with Hazel, Beka and Nichola, which included a visit to a great cocktail bar just outside of Covent Garden which was serving 2-4-1 cocktails during Happy Hour, which lasted about 2 and a half hours!

Today I am busy printing, scanning and photocopying various documents, passports and cards and giving Mum instructions on various things that will have to happen after I leave. All that and I have to pack as we’re heading back to my grandparents’ tomorrow, ready for my flight on Bank Holiday Monday at 12.30pm!

I will try and keep this as updated as I possibly can – I’ve put a subscription button on the side of the blog so if you fancy keeping up to date, that’s probably the best way! My contact details (Skype/email) are in the About section, so email me our address if you’d like a postcard!

That’s it for now. I must continue getting 6 months into 20kg! (with a couple of kg put aside for hopeful New Zealand times too!)

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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