English School Promotion: XinHua Bookstore

In which we do more sly English school promotion at Zhangzhou’s XinHua bookstore

English school promotion. It’s really important at school to constantly do promotion in order to get new students. It’s the same with any business who wants to get customers and English schools are just the same. Without students, we are nothing. The clever part is trying to find ways and places we can do promotions whilst having another valid reason to be there. xinhua english school promotion

Step in XinHua book store. This is a chain book shop around China. It’s popular with children and parents alike. We ran a promotion in our school at the end of last semester that the students who got 95+ out of 100 in their exam and assessment score wold be able to get an Aston hat and some money to spend at XinHua book shop. The catch? They must come with us, wearing their new hats, so we could promote the school and the fact that it has a foreign teacher (me).

Rachel, our manager, had other intentions too. She wanted a chance to talk to XinHua’s manager in the hope that we could form a co-operation with the shop and do more Zhangzhou Aston English school promotion in the future.

The students met us at school, where we gave them their hats.

zhangzhou aston english school promotion

Some of my monsters

We then walked 10 minutes down the road to XinHua, with people watching us all the way as everyone was wearing their hats.

Once at XinHua bookstore, we let them loose on the books. They had a maximum of ¥50 to spend on books. Unfortunately none of them wanted to buy English books, but they were at least interested in checking all the different books out:

Once chosen, we got all the books together and bought them. Then it was a matter of distributing them to the rightful owner. Now, as many of them had bought the same kind of story books, that became a little bit of a challenge at the end!

xinhua english school promotion

Dishing out their purchases

Eventually everyone was happy and we walked back to school, new purchases in hand, or head, in Leo’s case:

Rachel did at least get to speak to the manager so hopefully we can do more Zhangzhou Aston English school promotion in the future at XinHua bookstore!

Lastly, I got excited when I saw these Merlin books in XinHua – yay, Merlin!

Merlin books!

Merlin books!

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