Capture the Colour Contest 2013

In which I enter the Capture the Colour Contest 2013

The Capture the Colour Contest is run by the TravelSupermarket and it’s a chance for people to enter photographs in the categories red, blue, green, yellow and white.

Karisa from Karisabroad was very kind and nominated me to take part, so below I offer my five entries into Capture the Contest 2013.

Red capture the colour red

Red is… Ribbons on top of Mount Huashan near Xi’an in China. I remember getting to the top of Huashan (via cable car as the paths were closed in the winter) to come across these stunning Taoist ribbons fluttering in the breeze. They were everywhere and people were adding to them all the time with their prayers.

Blue capture the colour blue

Blue is… The school uniforms of two teenage lovers kissing in Bihu Ecological Park, Zhangzhou, China. These sculptures caused a stir in China’s news so what a surprise to find that they were in my home city! Finding them meant climbing over the barriers as the park wasn’t opened at the time and I didn’t want them to be graffitied or damaged by unruly and unsupportive people.

Green capture the colour green

Green is… Sunshine coming through a fern tree in the height of summer in Pukekura Park, New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Yellow capture the colour yellow

Yellow is… A Mongolian hotpot steaming away in Beijing, China. It was a delicious lunch as well!

White capture the colour white

White is… A black swan swimming on a lake in Chengdu Giant Panda reserve, China. I love the fact that this is a contrast to a normal swan being white.

Now, I get to nominate some other bloggers to have a chance to enter, so:

Sarah of The Travel Spotlight

Agness of etramping

The Guy of flightsandfrustration

Timothy of The Humidity

Kate of CanucKiwiKate

If you’re interested in the contest itself, check out the Travel Supermarket website and the #CTC13 hashtag on Twitter!

Let me know what you think of my photos!

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. Lovely photos Sarah! Thanks again for the nomination 🙂

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  2. Green snapshot is lovely!! Definitely my favourite one. Thanks for nominating me my dear. I’m working on my photos right now 🙂

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    • My only non-Chinese one! Thanks Agness – looking forward to yours!

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  3. I love your last photo in particular. I just entered the same contest and had so much fun finding appropriate photos. This is such a great contest, because every blog I read has such interesting pictures.

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    • Thanks for commenting Amy – it is a great way to check out lots of new blogs and photographers! Good luck!

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  4. Beautiful shots – Congrats and best of luck.

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  5. Great images! I really love the black swan – how rare! You captured it perfectly. I need to get my entry posted as well!

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    • Thanks Jessica! Yeah, would love to see your entry – not long to go now!

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  6. Great post! 🙂 My favorite is the kissing couple-I think a sculpture like that would cause a stir in Thailand as well.

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