Bennett’s Got Talent?!

In which I unwittingly take part in a singing competition

So one Friday afternoon Summer spoke to Paul and I about singing a song.

Summer: “There’s some singing going on at Walmart and my friend (who is the manager of the Walmart shopping mall) wants a foreigner, preferably one of you to sing.” 

Paul: “Well that’s me out, I can’t sing.” 

Sarah: “Well looks like I’ll be doing it. When is it, Summer?” 

Summer: “Tomorrow evening. No music.”

I had just over 24 hours to prepare for an acapella performance, OK, only 30 seconds long maximum, but I was singing away for the whole of Saturday.

By the time I’d finished my classes on Saturday, I was really nervous. I nipped home to change into something more classy and rocked up at the place where the singing was happening.

I was now even more nervous.

It was a full on Zhangzhou’s Got Talent moment. There was a red and green buzzer at the front of the stage, and 4 judges, which Paul had got roped into as well. Great. In addition to that, Paul had spread the word to everybody we knew that I was singing that evening. I was absolutely bricking it but couldn’t back out now. I hadn’t expected the whole thing to be so serious, everyone had numbers and everything! I didn’t get given a number, just shoved into the queue at some point.

Then, it was my go. I was introduced as “the foreigner, Sarah!”

I sang Don’t Stop Believing by Journey and as soon as I’d done my short little bit I legged it off the stage, without looking at the buzzers, hoping that they’d pressed the red button. The video of it is below:


I was informed later, when I stopped shaking, that they’d pressed the green button and that I was through to the next round the following weekend.

What?! The next round! Summer, you said I was only going to be singing once!

Again I would have to stand in front of a load of people and sing. I know it seems daft at how nervous I was, I’ve done Gang Show for Pete’s sake, but this was different. I can’t explain it but it just freaked the hell out of me.

The next week we had to prepare a minute and a half of a song to music this time. Again, I was petrified.

I sang Bad Romance by Lady Gaga and at the end of the song I legged off the stage again, only to be called back. Video again, below:


The judge wanted to praise my efforts and how he was so pleased that there was a foreigner in the competition and that CONGRATULATIONS. I was through to the third round.

Now I was getting a little peeved. I really wanted out. The final was 30th August and that being in the middle of all my goodbyes, I really didn’t want to cope with the stupid competition as well.

So, for the third round, we had to prepare a whole song. I chose one that I love, but was harder for my range, Dark Side, by Kelly Clarkson. OK, so I fixed the result a bit but I just didn’t want to go through. It wasn’t the greatest performance ever but I got a score of 87 out of 100 (I still think they were being kind because I was a foreigner) and my friend got through to the final with a score of 90, so I was worryingly close to getting into that.

So, my attempt at unwittingly being part of Zhangzhou’s Got Talent. My friends were all really supportive, so that was really nice. I’ll NOT be signing up for Britain’s or even New Zealand’s Got Talent any time soon though.

Was I brave or just plain stupid?

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. I’ve already watched the video on your Google+ and that made me laugh although you did well. It reminded me of my karaoke performance here in DOngguan, it was so bad but I enjoyed it a lot LOL

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    • Thanks Agness – but I wish I hadn’t had to sing 3 times – was sooo stressful!

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  2. I think you’ve done very well, even if you were tricked into some reappearances!

    Good job I was not asked to take part, Wal-Mart would have no customers left!

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    • I was tricked! You are so right, The Guy! But thank you for the kind words 🙂

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