From Dorset to New Zealand

Via Newcastle and Germany.

Via China.

September 2007 I embarked on my university journey and 4 years later came out the other side (via that stint in Germany) and straight to China.

6 months teaching in China turned into 2 fantastic years and a wealth of experiences of Chinese life that made me smile, giggle and groan in frustation (sometimes!)

Take a look around my China posts on teaching, general life and interesting places that I visited.

Or see what I’ve been getting up to in New Zealand for the past year.

I left the UK on 29th August 2011 and have only returned twice since (July/August 2012 and February 2014) for a total of 4 weeks.

It seems I was born to be an expat.


Bennett in New Zealand


Do you think I could live abroad?”
Let me get one thing straight, living and working abroad isn’t for everyone. Even when I was in Germany on my Year Abroad at university it could be tough at times, but I never gave up. It’s my stubborn attitude that gets me through the difficult things in life and I for one am not a quitter. What you do need to think about before deciding to move abroad for a while: What will you miss most? Who will you miss most? What do you think will be difficult about living in [insert country here]?
Although it’s probably one of the hardest decisions you can make and put into action, I heartily recommend it, whether it’s for 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years. My eyes have been opened to so many new experiences and overall, I think that will help me through my life.

I’m not running away from anything at home, just determined to do as much as I can with my life. The UK isn’t going anywhere, and I know that will always be home, but for now, I’m happy exploring other temporary homes along the way.

“Can I contact you?”
Of course you can! I love hearing from people who want to travel, or have questions about China, or just want a good old chat. You can check out how to get in touch on my “Contact me” page.