A Year In Zhangzhou

I celebrate a year in Zhangzhou

I’ve been in Zhangzhou one year? Who can believe it? Seriously?

I arrived in Zhangzhou on 21st February 2012, via Xiamen airport of course.

Boarding pass to Xiamen

My boarding pass from DSN to XMN

It’s a bit crazy how fast the year has flown to be honest. My room used to look at little bare desk and now has pictures. desk

In Zhangzhou I’ve had scorching hot weather

hot in zhangzhou

It’s hot. Very hot.

and days where it has absolutely chucked it down with rain. heavy rain in zhangzhou

I managed to take a trip home and enjoy time with family,




Me, Beka, Hazel

Me, Beka and Hazel

and the Olympics.

Tower Bridge olympic rings - British adventure

Second set of Olympic rings on a bridge in two weeks!

Olympic torch Millennium Bridge Gateshead

Dream come true in 2012

I’ve done school promotions at McDonalds

photo of my students in McDonald's, zhangzhou

Some of my monsters

and at the park.

zhangzhou Aston English outside class

Phil… doing something!

I’ve visited Vietnam and eaten awesome Vietnamese food.

bahn mi wrapper

Bahn mi is yum!

I’ve visited New Zealand and enjoyed Christmas there.

Merry Christmas

Wet, windy and warm

Christmas dinner

I’ve swum in the South China Sea at 5:00am when the sun was coming up. south china sea, xiamen

Mostly, Zhangzhou has been an awesome city to live in and I look forward to enjoying the last 6 months while  it lasts!

Next week look out for an extra special post about my 18 months in China. I’ll be publishing parts of my scrapbook I’ve been keeping during that time, as I’ve just finished one notebook!


One on the left is the one I started on 29th August 2011 and will get sent home.

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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