2012 Travel

A recap of where I’ve been in 2012

This post comes from an idea by Sam over at Totally Sam’s World, thanks Sam!

It’s a look back at all the places you’ve visited over the past 12 months. Whilst mine is not the most exciting list, I visited some new places, and the best, December, is still yet to come! So a run down of what I’ve been up to:

2012 Travel

January – I worked pretty solidly during January so no time for travel. I was dog sitting over Spring Festival (which was in January this year) so enjoyed the time just sitting doing nothing but watch movies!

February – A busy month. After working hard, I got to travel hard. I first visited a friend’s hometown in Inner Mongolia called Wu Yuan, then went to Xi’an and Beijing for a second time. I finally ended the month in Zhangzhou, my home for the next 6 months (although soon after it became the next 18 months!)

March – Booked my tickets for my holiday in the UK in August!

April – I visited Xiamen and bought my tickets to New Zealand for December! So exciting – dream come true. Also went to some hotsprings – amazing!

May – Visited another friend’s hometown in Fujian, called Jiufeng and drank lots and lots of tea.

June – I did a little wandering around Zhangzhou with my new bike. Started working with Cez to make my blog a little more awesome.


August – Back from HOME TIME!

September – Back to school. Oh, and I went to Vietnam to visit Steph – almost forgot about this!

October – Went to Xiamen for my birthday.

November – Nothing, although posted my Christmas cards home!

December – A busy month. I will be heading to Dalian for a meeting, and then, finally, after many years of wishing and waiting, I will head to New Zealand for Christmas and New Year! My excitement cannot be contained. You shall be receiving many posts on New Zealand in the latter stages of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.

Hopefully this time next year I will have a similar post for 2013 travel, although written from New Zealand – that’s the plan anyway!

Great Wall, Beijing 2012 travel

One of the best things I’ve done this year!

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Author: Bennett

2 years as an expat in China and now doing the same in New Zealand, Bennett sure likes to experience "slow travel!"

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  1. That’s been a very hectic year for you and your travels Sarah. I guess home time was the best of all of your adventures 🙂 What are your plans for 2013 ;-)? I’m so busy travelling in Europe. Have not much time to work on our project, but once it all gets back to normal and we and Cez meet up in Jan again, we can carry on :):) SORRY!

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    • Stupidly busy here too, so don’t worry, I’ve not done much recently either.
      2013 – Shanghai, maybe Xi’an again, Singapore and New Zealand again for definite! 😀
      How about you?

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  2. Wow – you get around! My hubs only just beats you and he’s an Emirates pilot! 😛 X

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    • Haha, well that is a compliment! I’ve done hardly anything compared to some people, but not bad considering I have a full time job 😛 Can’t wait to see what the next year brings!
      Thanks for stopping by Shah 🙂
      (Sorry your comment and my reply didn’t go up earlier – was hidden in my spam folder!)

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  3. I’m very jealous that you’ve been to Xi’an, I’ve longed to go there for years. It is great that you’ve seen so much of China, it is such a fascinating place.

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    • Still love to see more! Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Chengdu, Chongqing and many more are on my list of places to go, but not sure about what time I have…
      Really loved Xi’an and Beijing, but that’s because I’m a history girl; I love old stuff!

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